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Goodix GR551x series

The GR551x series chip is a single-mode low power Bluetooth system-level chip (SoC) supporting Bluetooth 5.1 and can be configured as the Broadcaster, Observer, Central Device or Peripheral device.It also supports the combination of the above roles, which can be widely applied to the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart wearable devices.

The GR551x series architecture takes ARM Cortex-M4F CPU as the core, integrates Bluetooth 5.1 protocol stack, 2.4GHz RF transceiver, on-chip programmable memory Flash, RAM and a variety of peripherals.

GR551x Software Development Kit (SDK) provides comprehensive software development support for GR551x SoC, including protocol stack, application examples, and peripheral drivers.

The GR5515 Starter Kit development kit is designed based on the GR551x SoC to facilitate rapid development using the development board.

Pucheng Science and Technology new product is developed based on Goodix 5515 platform, featuring high performance and low power consumption, to provide customers with smooth touch screen experience and stable product performance.

Tigawatch SH09 is dual-mode smart watch with a cost-effictive combination of Goodix 5515 and Classic Bluetooth. It has the characteristics of low power consummation, large screen and high definition, stable performance and classic appearance. It is definitely a good companion to accompany you to exercise.


Alarm clock: wakes you up at the moment
Anti loss: if you put them somewhere and forget about them, you can keep track of them. Your phone will help you to do this because it can detect them through it’s Bluetooth function
Drink reminder: If you must drink regularly, you can set reminders on your phone and receive notifications about them on your wristband

Sedentary Reminder? To remind you whtn you often sit for long periods of time
Light screen: You can use different lighting setting to set up the display
Time adjustment function: Do not Disturb mode

Post time: Dec-16-2022