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How long will smartwatches go

More and more people wearing smart watches no matter when they work, sports, sleep, and even take a shower...

As richer and more practical functions have been developed, various kinds of smartwatches have become a "daily necessity" for many people, especially for the young.

Can not help but make people curious, young people fall in love with the smart watch, after all, what magic?

Owning a watch is one of the signs of being a good adult.

They are donning smartwatches and paying more attention to their own world than the outside world.

Yes, smartwatches are no longer a niche commodity. "China's smartwatch market will reach 29.5 billion yuan in 2021, and the number is rising year by year," according to IMedia Research.

And according to one market survey, more than 80 percent of respondents have "purchased an adult smartwatch."

In terms of appearance, smartwatches have the same classic round dial as traditional watches, as well as the more stylish and modern square dial.

But at the same time, some smartwatches have escaped the material constraints of most traditional watches, and have let the imagination run wild in their styles.

Some, for example, have been paired with tech-savvy fold-out screens that are designed to resemble bangle-like strips.

Science fiction movies enter real life
And under the diversified appearance, rich functions are the core competitiveness of it to become the "wrist force" of young people.

Telling the time is a basic operation.
From answering phone calls and receiving text messages, to recording exercise status, monitoring sleep quality, and even swiping a card for a ride or shopping... These functions that cannot be achieved by traditional watches can be achieved by smart watches.
Different brands, in line with different aesthetic appearance, a variety of functions, so that the price of smartwatch is far apart
On the shopping platform, consumers with different requirements and use of smartwatches can find their own brands and styles.
A young person who values the sense of technology and appearance may fall in love with an Apple Watch with a high level of appearance and smooth operation.
Young athletes are likely to be attracted to Garmin or Somto, which focus on providing sports data and scientific analysis.
So much so that, in some cases, they have become status symbols for marathons and extreme sports.

Post time: Dec-16-2022