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Tigawatch Qibla Sh11 Smartwatch 2.01″ HD Screen Quran Qibla Compass Prayer Time 24+ Sport Mode Smartwatch

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We take pride in being a professional smartwatch manufacturer, offering exceptional ODM, OEM, and app customization services.
Type: Qibla SH11. Display Type: QSPI. Screen resolution:240*296 pixel. Flash ROM:128MB. Screen: 2.01″. Strap Material: Plastic. Case material: Metal housing appearance.
Feature Function: Qibla compass,Prayer time reminders,Local music player
Function: Bluetooth Call, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure, Motion Detection, Camera Control,Music Control,Message Notification
Standy by time: 1 month

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功能界面 qibla sh11

Finding the Qibla direction is simple with the Qibla Smartwatch’s built-in compass, no matter where you are. This watch makes sure that you never miss the direction for daily prayers, whether you're at home, traveling, or visiting new locations. It's quite simple to use; simply check the watch and you're ready to go. Stay connected to what you believe while on the go with this simple clock, which makes prayer time simple no matter where you are.

With location-based reminders and exact prayer directions, the Qibla Smartwatch helps you pray on time. Customize your alerts to your preferences. Keep your faith while enjoying the ease of this unique timepiece. Smart message alerts guarantee that you don't get distracted by other messages while praying, allowing you to have a quiet and silent prayer session. It may also receive social media alerts from websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others, allowing you to stay in touch with your social networks.

Accurate Muslim Prayer sh11
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The Qibal Smart Watch is your health and fitness friend, with multiple functions to keep you on track. You can easily track your steps, distance, calories, heart rate, and oxygen levels. You may also keep track of your sleeping habits and quality. Whether you're heading to the gym or going for a run, this watch keeps track of your progress and helps you in achieving your fitness objectives. Stay active and in control with this simple-to-use watch for a better quality of life.

Because to TigaWatch's advanced energy-saving technology, the Qibla Smartwatch offers a longer battery life. You can wear it all day without needing to charge it often. The software optimization minimizes battery consumption, allowing the watch to last longer.

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防水 qibla sh11 新表盘

The Qibla Smartwatch is IP65 water resistant and designed to withstand your active lifestyle, making it suitable for everyday activities as well as light water excursions..

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